Monday, November 24, 2014

Arts and Medicine. Do it!

"Due to the rapid development of technology in the last 100 years, our attention was drawn to the physical realm, and we lost our connection with the deep and powerful mystery of our consciousness. Re-integrating arts and medicine can restore that connection.

Created in one of our programs by cancer survivor H.McD
The power of our minds and our thoughts are biologically unexplainable in the full capacity they deserve. Our thoughts -- positive or negative -- are what trigger our brains to release the neurotransmitters that affect mood and health. Neuroimmunology teaches us that extensive bi-directional communication takes place between the nervous and the immune systems in both health and disease.

In a simplified way:
If ARTS affect emotions, and
EMOTIONS affect health then
arts affect HEALTH.

We don't question the existence of hospitals, because they take care of our bodies. We don't question the existence of museums, concert halls or arts in other forms, because that's how we express our emotions and address the needs of our mind and spirit.

If humans comprise "body, mind, and spirit," then why do we question the coexistence of arts and medicine?

Why would it be so unexpected to see well-curated art on the walls of a hospital or hear beautiful live music in the waiting areas?

Arts and Medicine. Do it!